Failing Up

“I feel honored that Ellie at Pressque was able to take on my project and meticulously scrutinize the manuscript to a much more refined piece of work. I was especially impressed by her promptness, personal attention, literary skills, and honesty. Ellie genuinely embraced my work and ambitiously wants to see it become a published work. I cannot ask for a more professional editor than Pressque. I’ll definitely use her again for my next book project.”

– Barbara Hong, Failing Up,

The Food Talk

Sanjay Raja, The Food Talk


“Working with Pressque made my job as editor and contributor of Groundswell easier and enjoyable. Ours was a complex, image-heavy project with a wide range of topics from Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors with a wide diversity of training and experience. One challenge was to integrate variable writing levels and provide a range of editing; Ellie Maas Davis was most helpful in tying it all together and making the content flow to ensure a great experience for our readers—and to create a collection that has a seamless and unified feel to it.”

– Joe Neidhardt, MD, Groundswell: Indigenous Wisdom and the Moral Revolution for Climate Change,

The Hero Effect

Kevin Brown, The Hero Effect

Leave Her Out

“After writing two novels in my native Portuguese, I decided to write a novel for the broader English language market. I knew the manuscript would require a great deal of editing, a sort of translation from my Brazilian English to American English. Finding a professional to do that was equally challenging. The Internet offered a range of people with different backgrounds. I found Pressque and was immediately captivated by her resume, and, very quickly, I realized that Ellie was genuinely interested in working on the story despite of all the challenges. It wasn’t like some editing services where you have the impression there’s a robot doing the work. I truly found an editor, someone I could trust and who was an asset for the final manuscript. Her commitment and patience proved to be of great value. Turning a raw, foreign manuscript into a professionally edited book for the American market was a huge task. I loved working with Pressque and feel confidence that I did everything I should in this fundamental leg of the journey.”

– Daniel Davidsohn, A Higher Power,

Take It To The Bridge

J. Michael Peeples, Take It to the Bridge

The Andromeda Project

“I originally chose Pressque for content and developmental editing, because I knew how valuable industry expertise would be in the long run. An added bonus was the personal attention I received from my editor. Much later, I sourced other, cheaper services for copyediting. After publishing my book, I received a number of bad reviews. I immediately sent the novel to Pressque to get it revised, because I trusted them to provide the best. They turned it around in record time, and it’s performing extremely well! Even better, with Pressque, I’ve knocked out a second book, and I’m currently writing my third book in my series.”

– Jason Primrose, The Cluster Chronicles,

Mothering With Courage

Bonnie Compton, Mothering with Courage