“Ellie Maas Davis is a crackerjack editor—beyond knowing the rules of style and working well under deadline pressure, Ellie is herself a gifted writer with a keen ability to nurture the voices of other writers.”

– Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, author of Doc: The Story of Dennis Littky and His Fight for a Better School

“Ellie Maas Davis is a brilliant writer and editor, with the rare ability of distilling the very best from every sentence, while helping a writer maintain his/her unique voice and sensibility—an art in itself.”

– Marjory Wentworth, SC Poet Laureate, author of We Are Charleston, Out of Wonder, Shackles, East of Eden, Despite Gravity, and Taking a Stand: The Evolution of Human Rights

“The best decision I ever made was hiring Pressque to handle our editorial needs. Their flexibility, problem-solving, and creativity exceeded my expectations and, more importantly, those of my authors. They understand the entire book publishing process.”

– John Myers, Director of Production, Advantage Media Group

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