pressque\’pre-k・ə\ adv.

(MF, presque, almost, + ME press, fr. OF, fr. presser, to press)

  1. a text nearly but not fully ready to be published.
  2. a pun on the French word presque, meaning almost.
  3. a Charleston-based editing company founded in 2005 by Ellie Maas Davis and Emily Avent Havener.

Our Purpose

Pressque is committed to helping authors and publishers create exciting books.

As the landscape of our industry evolves, we keep it simple. We’re familiar with the art of storytelling, we know how to engage readers, and we know what it takes to get one’s message into the marketplace.

We offer a collaborative, boutique experience. With every book project, whether it’s indie or traditionally published, our goal is to have a global mindset.