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Have you written a novel you think would be fanastic for the big screen? We have three screenwriters who are able to adapt a 300-page novel into a 120-page screenplay in eight weeks. Adaptations include one rewrite as well as a treatment.

Simplicity can kick like a mule.

That's why Pressque keeps it simple. And the simple fact is that having a screenplay to supplement your novel benefits you as an author—it makes your storytelling all that more versatile. So if you're keen to take your tale to the big screen, Pressque helps you take the first step.

Having Pressque's professional screenwriters adapt your manuscript gives you the confidence to send your screenplay to agents, independent producers, and investors looking for new film projects.

Film festivals all over the world are looking for the next hit screenplay win at their competitions. Most of them are connected with studios and productions companies who actively seek the winners in each category of comedy, historic, children's, and especially "adaptation from a book."

Pressque's Screen Adaptation is for practical dreamers. It's about looking at the big picture—literally and figuratively. It's also about technique. Talent without technique crawls on its knees through the marketplace. Simply put, Pressque screenwriters have the know-how to turn a manuscript that's purely a reading experience into a work that attracts an audience.

This kind of dramatic writing can be called the "art of crisis." Beyond those skills and craft, guts are required. To be able to write dialogue that sounds "just like people talk," we have to get in the heads of your characters and decide what they should say as much as what they shouldn't. Equally important is making sure your adaptation to the screen "cuts" together emotionally, which is what is tested in our several conferences and the final re-write.

This service includes one treatment and direction on what film festivals or agents may be interested in your adaptation. Please note: this is not a ghostwriting project; our individual screenwriters are credited with authorship of the screenplay they write.


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"Although writing is a labor of love, producing a publishable work of quality can be an arduous task and one not accomplished alone. Sound editorial to a successful endeavor. Pressque has provided me just that. Their suggestions resulted in a much stronger manuscript."

- Vivian Jamieson author, Amazing Grace


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