Ideal for writers and businesspeople who are too busy or whose gifts lie in generating ideas and strategies rather than writing about them. Pressque will help you organize your thoughts and then flesh them out via an outline process and several drafts.

It's a fact that nearly 70 percent of nonfiction books on the The New York Times' " Best Sellers" list are ghostwritten. These authors also have an agent and a publishing house guiding them. Book Express, one of Pressque's most popular services, provides this type of support. Book Express is a form of ghostwriting-for some, it's a relatively painless way to get into the publishing game and, for others, it's a great way to create a "heavy business card" to help market their business. It's a process in which authors are given an opportunity to create a full-length manuscript in eight weeks

If you can talk, you can write. Our ghostwriters create winning books for you and about you. It's simply a matter of asking the right questions. From concept-and this includes having a clear and sensible marketing strategy-to creation, we help authors polish their ideas to perfection or create one based on whatever the author's passion happens to be. If your plan is to teach stay-at-home moms to trade stock or whole compaies to go green, Book Express is quick, easy, and exciting way to become a published author.

We also offer The Scenic Route for longer, more in-depth books. These projects have a turnaround of six moths to a year.

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"Although writing is a labor of love, producing a publishable work of quality can be an arduous task and one not accomplished alone. Sound editorial to a successful endeavor. Pressque has provided me just that. Their suggestions resulted in a much stronger manuscript."

- Vivian Jamieson author, Amazing Grace


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